College Application Advice

Posted by Jeff Farmer Dr. Raymond Huntington offers some good general advice about how to help your high school student be competitive in the college application arena. The statistics he offers concerning the increasing percentages of students applying to college explain why it has become so difficult to get accepted into the top schools. Take […]

4 College Survival Tips Every Freshman Needs

by Jeff Farmer According to USA Today only 40% of college students’ graduate in four years and 56% take six years to finish a 4-year degree. The American College Testing, Inc., states that one in four students will leave college before completing their sophomore year. This scenario could be compared to a bride who spends […]

Students – Stay Focused!

Don't Procrastinate!

by Jeremy Farmer As you get started in this new academic year stop and take inventory of your scholastic behaviors. Are you equipped to deal with the demands of the upcoming year? Be prepared to deal with procrastination, organization, hectic schedules, studying demands, professors, and your social life. By taking a few minutes now to […]

Perfect Test Scores No Guarantee for College Admission

I ran across this article in the Austin American-Statesman. It’s about a guy in Austin who had great grades and perfect test scores and still didn’t get admitted into any of his preferred schools. (He also had over 400 volunteer hours. Wow!) Most students (and parents) assume a great score and good grades is all […]

The Dreaded College Essay

As Seniors 2010 begin the task of applying to college they inevitably ask me about their essays.  Here’s the best advice I’ve ever heard.  It comes from Dr. Jerry Daniels, Ph.D., who is our student advisor at College Financial Advisors “Pick a leaf.”

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